Finally Target Underarm Fat With These Moves!

If you’re a lady, there is nothing worse than dreaded underarm fat. Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t matter how many hours you’re logging in at the gym there’s always an extra (and very unwanted) fold that pops up when you wear your favorite tank or even that strapless dress.

While we all know that there is really no such thing as “spot reduction”, practicing upper body (as well as lower body) strength movements are imperative in creating lean muscle – giving the appearance of a much coveted “toned” physique.

Take a look at the exercises below to keep your arms svelte and enviable. Banish under arm fat for good!

1. Renegade Rows

underarm workout

If you’re a beginner, opt for 8 – 10 lb. weights. For more advanced weight lifters, feel free to go as heavy as you can while maintaining the integrity of your form for at least 8 reps. Holding a plank position, lift one dumbbell as if performing a row. Make sure to brush your elbow against your ribs to activate not only your back, but chest as well. Perform 8 reps on each side minimum for 3 circuits.


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