Can Vitamin C Relieve Period Pains

Vitamin C for period pains
Vitamin C for period pains

Daily Vitamin C Can Help With Menstrual Pain

Bloating, cramps, and mood swings—these inevitable once-a-month feelings are always an unwelcome harbinger of a woman’s period. Menstrual pains effect almost every woman, and most of us rely on over-the-counter medicine and remedies to make our symptoms as tolerable as possible. Remedies like Advil, heating pads, and Midol are all easy ways to lighten our pains from cramps but they all have flaws. Heating pads are bulky and not always available, and medicines might take a while to kick in or they might not alleviate all of our symptoms. What if there was a way we could stop all the pain and symptoms of our period before it starts? Even better, what if there was a natural way to ease our menstrual pains and also help boost our overall heath? The answer might be as simple as increasing our daily intake of vitamin C. Studies suggest taking vitamin C daily, and increasing it around the time of the menstrual cycle, might lessen PMS symptoms and ease heavy bleeding during our periods. Studies have found that eating papaya and citrus fruits will also ease cramping because of their plentiful amounts of vitamin C, and vegetables like kale, broccoli, and bell peppers also contain ample vitamin C.

Vitamin C Gives Our Immune System An Extra Lift

Cramping occurs due to an increased production of prostaglandins, which are “a hormone-like substance that can cause intense uterine contractions,” Lauren Streicher, MD, explains in her article “When Period Pains Cramp your Daughter’s Style.” This pain usually occurs a few hours before the onset of your period, but some woman may experience pains days before their period even begins.  Taking the recommended dose of 500 to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day might help relieve your cramps. The website Period Vitamin explains that vitamin C will help relieve your cramps because it aids in regulating hormones and prostaglandins (the causes behind mood swings, joint pains, bloating, and cramping) which are increased during your period. The website goes on to explain that taking this vitamin can help lessen breast tenderness and swelling, excess fatigue, and other menstrual symptoms. This PMS-fighting vitamin is said to toughen our capillaries and blood vessels, which helps control and ease heavy bleeding. Period Vitamin also explains that vitamin C gives our immune system an extra lift that strengthens our body during our menstrual cycle and helps our body absorb calcium, which is another beneficial vitamin for PMS.  So, not only does vitamin C help ease PMS, but it also helps out our immune system, which is an added benefit!

Vitamin C is Proven To Be Helpful Menstrual Cramps

Verdict: Fact. Vitamin C is proven to be helpful for the reproductive system and for alleviating menstrual cramps. The vitamin is flushed through our urinary track daily, so it is important to take in vitamin C every day in order to replenish our bodies. Make it a habit to increase your vitamin C every day, and to keep from forgetting, take the vitamin at the same time each day. Taking it with food will help you avoid any stomach pains, and keep in mind that over indulging in vitamins can be harmful to your health, so just be sure to get a doctor’s opinion before taking any new supplement.

How do you incorporate Vitamin C into your diet?

H/T: Doctor Oz, The Period Vitamin, image via Thinkstock


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