What Colors Not to Wear if You Want to Look Slim

Clothes can either be flattering or they can make you look unsightly and frumpy. If you’re someone who struggles with weight or they way they look in clothes, you’re probably interested in learning how you can dress in a more flattering way in regards to your weight. Did you know that colors actually matter, when it comes to your wardrobe? Take these general tips into consideration and see if you’re happier with the way your body looks.


We’re not saying never wear any white, because you can do it effectively if done very intentionally. Just be aware that white is rarely flattering when worn in a big way. For anyone, no matter what their size. Why? It’s simply hard to pull off, for one. It’s a bold statement that comes across as overly confident, and it’s flushes all the color out of most skin tones. So, white and other pale shades really only hurt you in every department, but your weight will take another hit. Nothing really is accentuated when you wear white – everything is the same, and if you’re wanting to look slimmer, sometimes you need a color or two to distract the eye.

Stick to the opposite, instead – black is extremely slenderizing, as is strategically wearing bold colors. For example, if you’d like to distract from a large lower body, wear a well fitting black skirt and then add a bright pop of a bold color on top. The black will keep your lower have looking slender, and the bright color on top will pull the eye away anyway.


For much of the same reasons that we don’t recommend you wear white, we don’t think it’s a great idea to wear nude colors if you’re wanting to look slim. You need separation between your skin and your clothes, and nude colors just don’t provide that distraction. Rather, they tend to draw attention to one solid object, and that object is likely going to be the largest part of your body since you have no other color to distract.

More than One Bold Color

We mentioned that we love using bold colors as a distracting mechanism – black pants with a bold top, as we said, is a great way to pull the eye up. The opposite can occur, though, if you use more than one bold color. Wearing pants or a skirt that isn’t a dark neutral, like black or navy, and then wearing a bright and bold top will simply divide you in half at the middle and draw more attention to your midsection that you want. Try wearing one hue for your entire body. You’ll cause the eye to look up and down without a break or division around the waist, and that will create the illusion of length. And length, as we all know, will cause you to look slimmer.

Don’t fret if you’re unsure of how to dress to look slimmer. Avoiding certain colors will work wonders for your figure, and being strategic with the bold ones you wear will help even more.




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