What Is the New Pegan Diet?

Diet fads are what everyone is talking about in regards to weight loss. Since these diets are limited compared to the increasing demand, we’ve seen an introduction of a new eating plan that promises to help you look and feel your best. Pegan diet is the new trendy form of eating that is a combination of paleo and vegan. The creator claims that the diet is the best there is in helping one lose weight and stay healthy. But how do you know that this diet will actually work for you? Here is what you should know about the new pegan diet.

What’s the New Pegan Diet?

Basically, the pegan diet incorporates key principles from paleo and vegan way of eating. Because paleo eaters consume only foods that were available in Paleolithic eras such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and meat while veganism eats plant-based foods, pegan diet now combines both worlds to come up with a diet that will cater for your nutrients requirement.

Despite borrowing ideas from paleo and vegan, pegan diet is unique and has its own set of guidelines. What’s more, it’s less restrictive than the other two diets. In fact, pegan isn’t designed as a short term diet. Instead, it’s suitable for indefinite usage.

What to Eat On the Pegan Diet?

Mainly, pegan diet demands that you eat whole foods or food that have undergone little to no processing before they make it to your table. Also, vegetables and fruits will form a big part of your meal with plants being 75 percent of what you will be eating. For meat, this diet recommends you treat it as a side dish but not the main course. Here is a full list of what you’re expected to be eating:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids, nuts, coconut, and avocados).
  • Gluten-free whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Lentils for legumes lovers
  • Grass fed, sustainably raised animals (fish, pork, beef, chicken) in moderation
  • Sugar as an occasional treat

What to Avoid

As you’ve noticed, the pegan diet is more flexible because it allows the occasional intake of almost any food. But there are certain types of food groups that should be avoided completely since they are considered unhealthy. They include:

  • Dairy: Avoid cow’s milk, yogurt, and cheese. However, you can consume food made from sheep or goat’s milk but in limited quantities. Gluten-free grains: Grains that don’t contain gluten should be avoided because they raise blood sugar and trigger autoimmunity.
  • Legumes: Almost all legumes should be avoided since they potentially increase blood sugar. But low-starch legumes such as lentils are permitted.
  • Sugar: All forms of added sugar, refined or not, are strongly discouraged. It may be allowed occasionally but in very limited amounts.
  • Food additives: Preservatives, artificial colorings, flavoring, and any other additivities should be avoided. Refined oils: Highly processed or refined oils, such as canola, soybean, sunflower, and corn oil should be avoided.

Benefits of The Pegan Diet

Pegan diet contributes to your health in a number of ways:

  • Since it emphasizes on fruits and vegetable intake this makes it a good alternative for you. Fruits and vegetables are nutritiously diverse foods. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, which are known to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Additionally, the intake of unsaturated fats in the pegan diet has a positive impact on heart health.
  • Finally, diets that emphasize whole foods and ultra-processed foods are linked to improved overall diet quality. ”

Is The Pegan Diet Healthy?

The creator of the pegan diet believes that it’s what most people should be practicing, although he says it will vary depending on health conditions and preferences. He continues to say that this form of eating makes sense to our health, it’s sustainable and kinder to animals. But what do experts have to say about this diet? McWhorter said, “When you exclude entire food groups that bothers me.” “You can’t pinpoint one thing and say that’s the sole of all evils. That’s kind of what he’s saying there.” But McWhorter agrees with the pegan creator that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Experts also suggest that instead of eliminating an entire food group, you should make a half plate vegetable and the rest half to be filled with meat and grains or other food of your choice. For those who don’t want to cut back on burgers or steak, they should include veggies in their diet.


Pegan diet is typically adopted from paleo and vegan but with rules of its own. You should try this diet and see how it responds to your body. For paleo and vegan dieters who are looking to modify their diets, the new pegan diet may be the easiest to adapt to.

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