What to Eat When you Suffer from Acid Reflux?

In Europe and the USA, 20% of the population suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Acid reflux or GERD is characterized by a painful burning sensation in the throat or chest. This condition is experienced when stomach acid is pushed back into the esophagus when the valve connecting the two is weak. Acid reflux results in heartburn, swallowing difficulties, indigestion, and pain. Acid reflux can result from eating an unhealthy diet or food containing too much acid. However, a change of lifestyle and eating these foods may help to soothe and prevent acid reflux.

Herbal Tea

Caffeine-free drinks offer even much better results. These drinks include chamomile, fennel, and slippery elm tea.

Traditionally, herbal tea was used to cure stomach disorders. Today, you can use herbal tea to cure acid reflux. This tea helps with fast digestion, including treating the burning sensation experienced in the chest. It also soothes the effects of acid reflux in the body.

Vegetables and Fruit Juice

Fruit juice helps control the production of stomach acid. For people who drink lots of fruit juice other than citrus drinks, their bodies digest food well. Fruit juice is said to prevent signs of acid reflux altogether. Juice from carrot, watermelon, beetroot, or cucumber is the best option. Vegetables too, help reduce the production of stomach acid. The reason is that vegetables are naturally low in fat and sugar. Spinach, celery, cabbage, broccoli, and asparagus are a great source of soluble fiber, which reduces the symptoms of acid reflux.


Oats are rich in fiber that may help to absorb stomach acid, thus controlling GERD. Starting your day with a plate of oats makes it easy for your body to digest any other food during the day. Plus, it’s filling effect doesn’t lead to acid reflux. Even the instant oats with raisins make a good combination to fight stomach acid.

Aloe Vera

Research done in the field of stomach disorder reported that aloe vera is a safe drink for treating symptoms of GERD. Aloe Vera is an affordable and effective home remedy for treating most body issues. This natural plant causes no negative sign effects when treating acid reflux. Moreover, it’s anti-inflammatory properties are useful in reducing the feeling of nausea, helping with digestion and facilitating better bowel movement. However, pregnant and diabetic individuals should consult their doctor first to avoid further complications.


When it comes to treating acid reflux, you want to be cautious when choosing your foods, especially fish. For example, you should go for healthy oily fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, and trout, which are known to be packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from healthy fish, other sources of healthy fats include flaxseed, olive oil, walnuts, and avocados. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats is important when fighting acid reflux.

Lean Meat

Chicken, turkey, fish, and pork chops are some of the best examples of lean meat. These two are excellent foods for reducing acid reflux. They are low in fat and easy to digest. One trick you should always practice is that of chewing food for a long time before swallowing to aid with first digestion.

Take Plenty of Water

Nothing beats water when it comes digestion and reducing excessive stomach acid production. As plain as it is, water is one of the surest, safest, and most effective drinks to cure GERD. It’s also very crucial at improving body functioning. Our bodies require water to flush out toxins, and is also an effective remedy for a healthy bowel movement, which in turn aids in preventing symptoms of acid reflux. Studies show that water consumption increases the gastric pH in our bodies. If you find consuming plain water boring, try to add other flavors like honey or mint leaves.

Coconut Water

Coconut water contains natural enzymes important in helping one recover from acid reflux or diarrhea. The water is very healthy and an excellent drink during the hot summer season. Therefore, regular consumption of coconut water fights GERD. Plus, it has a cooling effect on the body because of its alkaline nature.

In Conclusion…

Note that acid reflux or GERD is a very common condition that can happen to anyone. But, consuming the above foods and drinks reduces the symptoms, while ensuring your stomach remains healthy. If you’re wondering about the right dosage when consuming these foods, the answer is that there is no right amount to consume. Just be sure to consume them in moderation, especially foods like lean meat. Besides, in case of any doubt with the right quantity, talk to your doctor for guidance. Otherwise, if it’s water, 8-10 glasses daily should be enough to prevent acid reflux. More importantly, improving your lifestyle is the only sure bet to ensure you get rid of GERD and other related disorders.

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