Why Your Diet Failed?

If you’ve failed at dieting, you should know that it’s the norm and has happened to most people who try. More often, people gain the weight they’ve lost soon after abandoning their diet. Weight loss is very beneficial to obese and overweight people, and dieting is one of the fastest ways to lose weight without having to go to the gym. However, a huge percentage of dieters fail and the biggest question becomes, “Do people fail at diets or do diets fail people”?

The Concept of Dieting

Many people associate dieting with suffering, pain and deprivation. You’ll be told to cut back on certain food groups (most of the good stuff), only eat at specific times, count each calorie you take, and so forth.

These strict rules become too much and in the long run, your diet plan becomes unsustainable. The thought that you have avoided pizza in over two weeks may make you feel like a winner. Unfortunately, this is only short term and when the self-control dwindles, you’ll tell yourself that you deserve a piece of pizza for the good work you’ve done! The downside of this is that you’ll be back to square one and you’ll probably have negated all the efforts you made within the two weeks of dieting.

While avoiding fast foods, sugary foods and drinks will help with your weight loss goals, promoting the thought of deprivation is what might fail you. So, where did you go wrong and how can you correct it? Here are some of the reasons your diet failed.

You Consume Low-Fat Diet

There’s a misconception that eating fat makes you fat, and this has led many people to cut fat from their diets. To prove this doesn’t work, look at the American population. Most of us (over 70 percent) are fatter than ever compared to 30 years ago. In reality, eating sugar is what contributes to obesity and being overweight. There are studies showing that eating a high-fat, low-carb diet increases metabolism by almost 300 calories. The trick is to identify good fats and include them at every meal. Vegetable fats like avocado, seeds, nuts and coconut oil are especially great. Likewise, you have plenty of options with clean animal fats, including chicken, egg yolks, grass-fed meats, and fish containing omega-3 fats such as herring, sardines, and wild salmon.

Lack of Plan

Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle don’t just happen. One day you decide you’re going to eat healthy meals, but before you know it, you’re snacking on fries, cookies, cakes, and other unhealthy fats and sugars. You require a good plan and one that you can easily follow through. Your weight loss journey includes having the right ingredients in the house, choosing the right meals, shopping smart, and planning ahead. For instance, you could cook large batches of meals so that you can carry lunch to work. Additionally, knowing what you’re going to eat in advance will prevent you from making an impromptu stop at the deli.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Water won’t make you lose weight. However, by substituting those sugary beverages with water, you will be doing your body a big favor, and avoiding fat build-up. Water can also help you get rid of those cravings for snacks. Whenever you feel tempted to reach for a cookie, drink water instead. When your mind gets accustomed to drinking water, you won’t feel the strong urge of snacking a lot during the day.

The Diet Was Too Restrictive

This probably is the biggest reason your diet failed. If your diet becomes too demanding for your body, it simply won’t hold long enough. Most diet plans restrict calories, and this decreases your energy levels leading to a decrease in muscle mass. As a result, your metabolism is slowed down, preventing the much-anticipated weight loss. It’s true that reducing calories will aid in weight loss, but the source of the calories matters big time.

The Wrong Crowd

The people you surround yourself with may either motivate you or kill your goals. Find people you share the same dreams with, friends who are supportive of your weight loss efforts and who appreciate the lifestyle changes that you’re making.

You’re an Emotional Eater

This has happened to the best of us. A nasty breakup or a promotion that flew past can make you drown your sorrows in pizzas, cakes, and all those unhealthy sugars and fats. Your best weapon here is self-control and self-awareness. If you know this is your weakness, tell yourself that you can do better. Get into more productive events like yoga classes, adventure in the mountains, traveling, or practice meditation. Avoid going to fast food cafes and don’t be tempted to join your friends for a weekend of overindulgence. The reality will still be there when you wake up and you’ll still be feeling miserable and awful. Find ways to get your mind into positive thinking and nothing will break you.

Final Words

Dieting is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix to your weight loss problems. Realizing this will help you set your realistic goals. Remember, a good plan is the key to success.

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