7 Songs That’ll Turn Your Workout Into an Emotional Experience

If you want peace and serenity, go to a yoga class. And, if you’re experiencing an emotional day? Go workout intensely.  The best time to work-out is in the morning and fitness experts say that staying in tune with certain types of songs can help you with a great workout.  Especially, when you feel a little stressed, or tensed…and with music blaring, lyrical tunes can give those that workout an emotional and intense experience.

If you want a great emotional and intense workout, listen to these tunes recommended by Syncstudio, which takes their approach further than just the mat on the floor.

In Sync with Your Workout

It’s true that music is the universal language. In fact, when people workout together with the same songs blaring out from the speakers, everyone is in sync. Hence, Syncstudio, an indoor cycling class with personal training sessions “focus on creating the balance between cardio, strength, and rejuvenation,” Ashley Lively, vice president of operations and head cycling instructor says about their brand.

Staying active with music keeps you forgetting about what you’re actually doing, to a certain extent.   You feel rebooted and refreshed afterwards. The intense vibes that spread across the room will be felt.  Comparably, the gym can have feel, at times, that everyone is divided.  Everyone is working out in his or her own world, yet, when working out as a group, the emotions are felt more intensely. In fact, it’s a bit more motivating and exhilarating at the same time. It, also, helps the workout go faster, which makes it all more them better.

Lively says that the “cosmic energy” which is created by individuals’ intense body heat and sweat come from all the emotions which are radiated with excitement and energy. While blending certain types of music with those that workout.  Some may have different versions of a playlist to workout to, but these are recommended by Syncstudio.

  1. Zeskullz, “Jumper” (Original Mix)
  2. Leikeli147, “Two Times a Charm”
  3. iShi Pusha T, “Push It”
  4. Lion Babe, “Wonder Woman”
  5. Ciara, “Jackie (B.M.F.)”
  6. Health, “New Coke”
  7. Purity Ring, “Bodyache”

Workout Playlists from the 70s and 80s.

Typically, people’s emotions tend to be in sync with their body’s rhythmic movements. Music “…not only pumps you up, but it triggers wave patterns in the brain (proven by research) to get you going as well,” Mathue Johnson, a fitness trainer and contributing writer to dietsinreview.com.  Here is a 70s workout playlist you’ll enjoy to hear while working out if you grew up in this era (Johnson, Mathue, dietsinreview.com/2014).

You’ll notice the difference in beats and song, but this list comparably to others, made sense in those days, and continues to be heard by millions when working out.  It can still be relived while running, doing high impact aerobics, cycling, tread-milling,…etc.

80s Playlist

Now, if you’re a fan of 80s music, this 80s music workout playlist has various artists such as Pat Benatar, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Journey,…to name a few. What’s more is that when you’re running or simply working out, and if you grew up in the 80s, the playlist will take you down memory lane. Try, the junior high and high school year memories that will slowly flashback to “Eye of the Tiger” or “Beat It” and while running you won’t even know your working out, you’ll sing along subconsciously. Because these songs are so upbeat and “fresh” to those who grew up with them, it makes it a bit more of an emotional experience.

The Tempo Guide

The guideline of different workout tempos for your playlists songs:

  • Under 100 BPM:Slower paced, warm ups, cool downs
  • 100 to 130 BPM:Walking fast, a little faster paced
  • Over 130 BPM:Higher impact exercise and cardio
  • 135 to 140 BPM:Power walking
  • 135 to 155 BPM:Jogging
  • 150 to 175 BPM:Running
  • Over 175 BPM:Fast running and sprinting (theBestSongs.net)



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