5 Makeup Habits That Can Actually Make You Sick

For most of us, makeup is part and parcel with our normal routine. We all have a bag or cabinet full of different products in a rainbow of colors. Did you know there are five makeup habits that can actually make you sick? Some things that we don’t even think about very often can be a danger to our health. Let’s examine the common things we do that can make our makeup unhealthy.


Many of us think nothing of loaning our lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss to our friend. This is actually a very bad practice. Sharing makeup has the potential for spreading bacteria and puts you at risk of being exposed to some pretty nasty conditions. Some examples of things that can be spread by sharing makeup are conjunctivitis (pink eye) and cold sores. The same is true for store testers. Don’t use them! Some studies show that E. coli, staph and strep viruses have been found in testers at department stores.

Not Washing Your Face at Night

Not washing your face at night is a bad habit to get into. Yet, many of us are so tired from the busy day and hit the sack without taking the extra minute to clean our face. Makeup has oils and chemicals that can clog pores or cause irritation. Washing your face at night and removing all traces of the day’s makeup can help you maintain a clear and healthy complexion. If time is an issue, place makeup remover wipes on your nightstand, and clean your face right as you go to bed.

Expiration Dates

Not paying attention to expiration dates is a habit that almost every woman falls prone to. A lot of women don’t realize that makeup has an expiration date. Cream and liquid makeups such as mascara and eyeliner should be replaced every three months even if it is not empty and immediately if you have had pink eye or another eye infection. Foundation and cream makeup should be replaced every six to nine months and powder makeups every 12 months. Using makeup after it is expired is risky due to the breakdown of the chemicals and bacteria contaminating the product.

Not Washing your Makeup Brushes

Our makeup brushes are another thing we don’t often think about. However, most of us spend a good amount of money on quality brushes, and we want them to last. Not washing your makeup brushes allow bacteria to grow and flourish. Maintaining your brushes is fairly easy. Wash the bristles in warm water and a gentle soap (mild shampoo or your facial cleaner). Rinse them well and place them bristles up in a cup to dry.

Eyeliner in the Waterline

Your waterline is the inside rim of your eyelid. Many women put eyeliner on the bottom waterline, but this is a really unhealthy habit. This puts makeup in direct contact with your eye and the mucus that protects it. Using eyeliner in the waterline introduces any bacteria that may be in your eyeliner to your eye and can cause health issues.

Knowing the five makeup habits that can actually make you sick will ensure you pay close attention to your makeup and take the appropriate precautions to make sure your makeup is safe.




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